3 min. VIDEO about general concept and PokeIT app

Pokehead Sennheiser pxc 250 ii

Interactive headphones for your applications

Design goals and motivations: autonomous, universal, versatile, social, and practical (simple implementation - intuitive, natural interface context)

Pokehead is an interactive interface for applications to use head gestures to communicate. Some examples are to poke and getting poked by your friends and family using your headphone without having to stop what you are currently doing ...

Here are three apps using Pokehead are:

  • PokeIT - communicate between headphones using simple head gestures
  • ControlIT - handsfree control for your music player when your cyckling or even DJs can use it for handsfree control
  • KeycommandIT - control keycommands with your head

PokeIT scenario description


  • down
  • up
  • right
  • left

Meaning of Gestures

  • yes
  • no
  • poke
  • switch person

Sound design

-> Three different kind of sound environment

  • DYNAMIC : Biking environnement
  • QUIET : Husband cooking + Wife working on computer
  • NOISY : Gaming or watching movies environnement

We start off with creating these three types of sound segments and make variations of each by changing length of the sound, transiency, timbre, and volume. For instance, by having a negative attack we could start the sound softer. (e.g. by reversing the sound)

-> Signal form and creation method

  • DYNAMIC => Classic form with fast attack and short decay -> Concrete sounds

compressionmadeeasy_08a_Snare01.jpg Sounds should be between 0.3 and 1.5 ''

  • QUIET => reverse form -> Synthesis and concrete sounds
  • NOISY => Rhythmic pulses -> Synthesis

-> Gesture, Function, Sound

For Yes, No and Switch function, 3 levels of repetition have to be create -> it is a kind of transcription of the insistence.

The 3 levels of sounds should reflect the same idea, and be an evolution of the sub-level.


7 min. demo of ControlIT and KeycommandIT

With DJ extensions as well

*Buzz when you want sound off/muted.
*could just be a removable, modular attachment that could mount on any headphone. (potential for proprietary accessory for Sennheiser products.
***potential for adaptors as another accessories- to work with any Sennheiser models, even legacy model adaptors as another package, and a third-party kit as well.